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【Special Issue】Special Issue "Marine Fatty Acids-2016”


The review paper that was announced in our homepage on May 17, 2016, has been taken up in the open access journal, Marine Drugs, as
Special Issue "Marine Fatty Acids-2016".

All articles can be accessed freely online.
You can read this special issue in the following URL:
Special Issue "Marine Fatty Acids-2016"

Our review article is as follows:
Bacterial Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: Their Biosynthetic Genes, Functions, and Practical Use
Yoshida K, Hashimoto M, Hori R, Adachi T, Okayama H, Orikasa Y, Nagamine T, Shimizu S, Ueno A, and Morita N.
Marine Drugs 2016, 14(5), 94


The Subsurface Microbiology Res. Group of H-RISE was also involved in this review article.