H-RISE 公益財団法人北海道科学技術総合振興センター 幌延地圏環境研究所


H-RISE 公益財団法人北海道科学技術総合振興センター 幌延地圏環境研究所

What is H-RISE?
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Northern Advancement Center for Science & Technology
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What is H-RISE?

The Honorobe Research Institute for the Subsurface Environment (H-RISE) was established in June 2003 to conduct research aimed at improving the global environment by utilizing the underground research facility of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA). H-RISE conducts basic research on the subsurface environment of Horonobe and the Tempoku region while monitoring its engineering applications from three perspectives: subsurface microbial environment, groundwater environment, and sedimentary rock characteristics.

The first long term plan was formulated in February 2003, and in the years between 2003 and 2011, basic research themed on the “Characteristics and Geological Process of Sedimentary Rocks, Microbial Subsurface Environment and its Effective Utilization, and Subsurface Migration of Groundwater and Gas and Wide-area Groundwater Environment” was conducted. Research was also aimed at improving the environment and local economy.

In February 2012, based on the second long term plan devised by the Northern Advancement Center for Science & Technology, H-RISE pursued important research topics like "Development of a Method for Converting Unused Organic Matter Contained in the Stratum into Biomethane by Microorganism Action" along with developing basic research. As a result, the "Subsurface Cultivation and Gasification (SCG) method” using the subsurface environment of the land was proposed.

The third long-term research plan was developed by the Northern Advancement Center for Science & Technology in February 2021, which shall guide the research direction from 2021.

Note: H-RISE is an abbreviation for Honorobe Research Institute for the Subsurface Environment, which is the English name of the “Honorobe Chiken Kankyo Kenkyusho (in Japanese)”.